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Peptide Therapy
Peptide Therapy

Our Peptide Therapy offers ways to improve overall health and wellness through safe, breakthrough treatments that trigger natural responses.

The use of peptides has rapidly grown in popularity in recent years and is used for various conditions from improving the immune system to healing damaged tissue.

At Enhanced Wellness, we are proud to offer Peptide Therapy as a unique route to improving overall health and quality of life.

What Are Peptides?

Peptides are the building blocks of proteins, made naturally by the body. As strings of amino acids, peptides play a vital part in our bodies’ biological functions and activities.

Peptides are effectively signaling molecules – they instruct other molecules how to behave.

With over 7,000 peptides in the human body, research has revealed how each one benefits and works within our bodies.

By taking specific peptides, you can help your body with particular conditions. This method offers a more natural alternative of dealing with bodily ailments, than your traditional pharmacy.

What Is Peptide Therapy?

Although the body naturally produces peptides, production quality and quantities can decline due to age or illness.

Peptide Therapy restores and supplements the number of peptides in the body to stimulate cellular regrowth systems and induce desired responses. Due to their composition, peptides are easily absorbed by the body – making them highly effective treatment options for specific conditions and overall wellness.

Peptide therapy is usually received directly into the bloodstream through injections under the skin, but is also found in supplements, topical creams and nasal sprays.

One of Peptide Therapy’s best qualities is its ability to be customized entirely to your needs and goals. By using specific types of peptides, you can trigger a specific reaction in the body.

How Can Peptide Therapy Help Me?

Peptide Therapy can be used to tackle specific conditions, while also fueling a great improvement in overall wellness and health.

This may include but not be limited to:

  • Improving Immune Function
  • Balancing Hormones
  • Cognitive Focus
  • Cytoprotection
  • Depression And Anxiety
  • Add Remedy
  • Hair Growth And Hair Retention
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ibd)
  • Kill Microbes
  • Neuro-Protection
  • Pain Reduction
  • Post-Surgical Healing
  • Post-Workout Recovery
  • Preventing Blood Clots
  • Reducing Blood Pressure
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Reduction In Adipose Tissue
  • Skin Tone And Skin Health Improvement
  • Slowing The Aging Process
  • Tissue Repair
  • Wound Healing
  • Weight Loss

Types of Peptide Therapy

Enhanced Wellness offers many different types of peptides to help with a wide range of health issues. We always suggest that you speak directly to our team to see what treatments are available and most optimal for you.

Peptide Therapy includes but is not limited to:

Immunity Boost

Peptide Therapy uses various peptides specific to your immunity concerns.

For example, Thymic peptides regulate the immune system and can aid the battle against chronic infections.

Thymic peptides, which are naturally produced in the thymus gland, stimulate a range of beneficial responses such as cell motility, cell repair, regulation of actin dynamics and immune responses.

Pain Relief

Peptides offer a great alternative to the opioid-based therapies that so many people have become dependent on.

By naturally bending to receptor sites in the brain, discomfort and chronic pain can be relieved considerably. Clinical studies show Thymosin Beta-4 to have drastic results for pain relief, which can be life-changing.

Hormone Therapy

Peptide therapy can also directly deliver hormones into the bloodstream – promoting a range of wellness and health benefits.

For example, CJC 1295 promotes memory retention and increased metabolism while also relieving pain. This is all done through natural stimulations of glands, thanks to peptides.

Weight Loss

Peptides can also help with weight loss, by inducing lipolysis, the breakdown of fat cells and improving metabolic performance.

Some can even reduce the formation of fat and benefit bone health. With various types of peptides for weight loss (including CJC 1295 and AOD 9604) our team can help advise which treatment is right for you.

Sexual Health

Sexual health benefits can be gained from peptides to increase desire and sex drive.

PT-141 (Bremelanotide) is an effective natural treatment used to overcome sexual dysfunction without prescription medications.

Peptides for sexual health can show results within minutes, without adverse effects on energy or the vascular system.


Peptides such as CJC 1295 can improve memory and energy, while also providing aesthetic advantages such as improved skin quality, wrinkles and hair regrowth.

Similarly, Glutathione is fantastic at fighting stress placed on the body with age – minimizing the damage of everyday life.


Recovery after surgery or an injury can be very concerning and stressful. But peptides can provide accelerated recovery times and reduced inflammation.

Without the need for prescription medication, peptides such as BPC-157 offer regenerative properties while reducing discomfort.

Is Peptide Therapy Right For Me?

The Natural Alternative

Many people turn to Peptide Therapy after growing tired of prescription medication that merely acts as a band-aid with troubling side effects. If that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

Peptides are naturally found throughout our bodies, so when there’s a deficiency in them, it can have a rippling effect from head to toe.

Peptide therapy aids these conditions by simply mimicking your body’s own natural peptides – triggering and inducing the correct, natural responses.

No More Side Effects

While prescription medication can be tiring due to personality and physical side effects, peptides are well tolerated by the body, with minimal to no side effects. In most cases, peptides are formed by using animal or plant protein sources.

Personalized Therapy Plans

With thousands of recognized types of peptides, you can avoid blanket medication that doesn’t target your specific need.

By speaking to our team, we can advise you on the most suitable type of therapy for your condition – from pain relief to immune function.

Peptide Therapy Near Me in Bluffton, SC

If Peptide Therapy sounds right for you or if you have any questions, then contact us today for a consultation.

Our team can listen to your concerns, before providing information that can help guide you to decide which type of Peptide Therapy in Bluffton, SC is best for you.

Give us a call today and get started on your route to Enhanced Wellness!