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Optimize Sleep
Optimize Sleep

At Enhanced Wellness we have numerous services available to help you optimize sleep, for a healthier you. A good night of sleep is paramount for your health. Your brain and body need sufficient and quality sleep to function properly. In addition, you are better equipped for learning, memory, decision-making, and even fueling creativity with a good night’s sleep.

Good sleep may be just as, if not more, important for your health as a healthy diet and exercise habits. But, unfortunately, countless factors can interfere with natural sleep patterns with our busy schedules and hyper-productive culture.

If you are not already motivated to find reasons for good sleep hygiene, here are a few reasons to prioritize it:

  • Sleep is restorative
  • Sleep reduces stress
  • Sleep is essential for your mental health.
  • Quality sleep helps us make better decisions when it comes to eating. Good sleep is clinically linked to consuming fewer calories.
  • Good sleep can maximize athletic performance to help you push past limits and progress with your fitness goals.
  • Sleep helps regulate glucose metabolism and decreases the risk for type 2 diabetes.
  • Sleep is necessary for your body’s immune functions to operate normally.

Poor sleep is linked to:

  • Higher average body weight
  • Greater risk of heart disease and stroke
  • Depression.
  • Increased inflammation

NAD Therapy

Lack of quality sleep can be frustrating and sometimes even debilitating. Luckily,  research has found that NAD may be one of the best steps toward recalibrating your natural circadian rhythm. The supporting body of research on the health benefits of NAD is growing. Disturbed sleep or poor sleep over time can increase our susceptibility to disease and drain our energy. NAD can help you attain healthy sleep habits by resetting your circadian rhythm. By normalizing your sleeping patterns, you will have more energy during the day, be in a better mood and gain mental clarity. If you struggle with insomnia, or just want to have more energy and prevent fatigue, be sure to try our NAD IV therapy.

Red Light Therapy

Part of the problem with poor sleep is the light intake or lack thereof. An estimated 65% of adults don’t get sufficient sleep on a weekly or even daily basis. The reality is that we need ample natural light for optimal health. But the average American is not getting that due to most of their time spent indoors.

On top of insufficient light exposure, today’s modern technology floods people with blue light and artificial lighting. Excessive artificial light can cause headaches and make it harder to fall and stay asleep. In addition, with all the blue light from computers, televisions, and phone screens, our bodies are receiving artificial signals to stay awake despite being tired. This is especially true and more dangerous when screens are used near or just before bedtime.

Melatonin is a hormone that our body produces naturally to regulate sleep and wake cycles. Emerging research finds that red light therapy treatment can encourage the increased natural production of melatonin, which helps to optimize sleep. Red light affects us in ways similar to natural light. It’s less bright than blue light and has a lower color temperature than the actual sun. But, unlike blue light from screens, red light won’t affect your circadian rhythm. The results from clinical studies on red light therapy are promising for people with insomnia and sleep disorders.

For healthy regulation of sleep and wake cycles, natural light is the key ingredient. If you’re struggling to get restful sleep, light intake might be the culprit. Our red light therapy service delivers natural light that can promote benefits similar to actual sunlight, without the harmful UV rays or uncomfortable heat. It’s also accessible any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions.

If you want to supercharge your cells with the benefits of natural light, red light therapy is your friend. Our cells need red light or natural light to make ATP (adenosine triphosphate) energy. This is the fuel that helps your body run efficiently, accelerate healing, and amplify your natural supplies of melatonin release. As a result, red light therapy’s encouragement of ATP production can help improve sleep disorders and insomnia. Even if you don’t struggle with a diagnostic sleep condition, ample light will make you feel great and sleep better.


If you struggle with insomnia, irregular sleep, or feel like you’re not getting restful sleep, a bedtime routine can help. Incorporating a routine into a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle can help even more.

Cryotherapy uses short bursts of exposure to extremely cold temperatures. Cold therapy stimulates the production of norepinephrine, a hormone that plays a vital role in our circadian rhythm. Norepinephrine additionally serves to activate REM sleep. By helping regulate oxygen-rich blood in the body to reduce pain and inflammation, cryotherapy can further help optimize sleep. Reduced pain and inflammation responses collaborate with your body’s sleep/wake cycles to help you fall asleep and reach deeper sleep. The result will be longer, more restful sleep.

IV Drip Therapy

Poor sleep can often be attributed to nutrient deficiencies. However, sleep is a holistic process, so good sleep starts with proper nutrition. If we lack key vitamins and minerals, we are subject to sleep disorders and poor quality sleep. Supplementation through IV drip therapy can help you to optimize sleep.

Another offender of good sleep is dehydration. If you are dehydrated, you could easily feel wide awake when you should be tired. This can lead to a vicious cycle of being left drained and exhausted due to the inability to fall asleep. When our bodies lack proper hydration, the result is a build-up of toxins. Another way dehydration can contribute to poor sleep is by causing headaches and interfering with melatonin production. You can combat all of these nuisances with IV drip therapy.

If you are pressed for time, be sure to ask about our vitamin push (Fast Vitamin IV), which only takes 60-90 seconds to administer.

Infrared Sauna

Americans as a whole have a glaring struggle with proper sleep hygiene. As it turns out, infrared sauna therapy can tremendously benefit good sleep. Studies by the NIH have linked infrared therapy with better sleep quality. So in as little as a few days, we can start to see the benefits of infrared sauna therapy on sleep.

The calming and relaxing properties of the infrared sauna help us fall asleep faster, particularly after a stressful day. In addition, by using red light, melatonin production is encouraged after infrared sauna therapy.

Additional Tips to Improve Your Sleep

There is no better time to make lifestyle changes to help you get better and sufficient sleep. Small changes can result in considerable benefits to your sleep health. Here are a few tips to help you initiate and maintain better sleep habits:

  1. Establish a bedtime routine. Try to stick to it every night, even on the weekends.
  2. Make sure your bedroom is at a comfortable temperature. Try to keep light in your bedroom to a minimum.
  3. Consider banning screens from your bedroom in the evening. This includes computers, tablets, cell phones, TVs, or other electronics that will emanate distracting blue light that interferes with sleep signals.
  4. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and heavy meals too close to bedtime. Tobacco use can also disrupt our body’s sleep signals when used at any time of day.
  5. Get sufficient exercise. Lack of physical activity will make it hard for you to wind down in the evening and contribute to restless sleep.

Enhanced Wellness

Our services are available to you for a wellness-oriented, comprehensive approach to acquiring better quality sleep. Consider pairing any of our sleep-optimizing services with:

By using a combination of our services, you will not only optimize your sleep but can also attain:

Our experts can help you select the appropriate services to suit your personal needs. Give us a call today and get started on your route to Enhanced Wellness!

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