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Cheat Aging

Cheat Aging
Cheat Aging

The most debilitating condition to humans is aging. So people are trying to find out how to cheat aging all around the world. Billions of dollars are spent on studies and research to pursue eternal youth.

Undoubtedly, many of us are concerned about aging and developing wrinkles, lines, and gray hairs. However, rather than trying to live forever, we should strive to age as well as we possibly can. Our external appearance is important and of aesthetic concern. However, what’s happening on the inside is just as important. This is why diet, exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices are crucial components to maintaining good health and staying fit, young, and energized.

Preserving youth and feeling great takes a holistic approach that attends to our inside and outside health needs. Our skin is one of the most important parts of our body, acting as the first line of defense. Many people are unaware of how vital skin health is for health care. In addition, skin is our most exposed organ, making it more vulnerable to external forces. Luckily, we offer services that can remedy the aging process and help you reduce signs of wear.

While it’s impossible to reverse the effects of aging, health practices are available to slow the process. At Enhanced Wellness, we believe in a holistic, comprehensive approach to wellness and preserving youthfulness. Read on to find out more about how our services can help you cheat aging and stay young.

Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy is an excellent health amenity to keep your skin looking supple and radiant. The anti-aging benefits of peptide therapy are undeniable.

Peptides are made from amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. These building blocks form chains, or peptides, which help improve cell signaling. Some peptides act similar to neurotransmitters, while others mimic the role of hormones. Either way, peptides influence our body’s response to diet and exercise.

As we age, our body’s natural production of human growth hormone decreases. As a result of less HGH, our bodies show signs of aging and perform at suboptimal levels over time. Peptides have an almost magical ability to boost our body’s natural growth hormone production. Thus, peptide therapy works by increasing the production of growth hormones, which is essential for preserving youth.

Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is another superb option for those looking to stay glowing and youthful. The current science supports evidence that red light therapy can reduce and counteract the signs of aging in the skin. People with wrinkles, acne scars, burn healing, psoriasis, or UV reduction can benefit tremendously from red light therapy. RLT also encourages anti-inflammatory properties, leading to faster wound healing and repair.


Cryotherapy or cold therapy can increase collagen production, providing skin rejuvenation and decreasing the signs of aging. Clients report firmer, more toned skin and reduced blemishes with cold treatment. You can achieve more significant results with more frequent sessions.

One of the unfortunate parts of aging is the gradual decline of our metabolism. This leads to the build-up of toxins and decreased collagen. The result is saggy, flat, and wrinkled skin. Cryotherapy can help slow these processes by exposing the skin to small bursts of extremely cold temperatures. This causes a stress response in our body needed to get moving and cheat aging.

IV Drip Therapy

IV drip is another one of the breakthroughs in the health and wellness field that works wonders for brightening skin and cell defense. IV drip solutions provide antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients our bodies need to thrive. In addition, IV drip therapy helps hydrate the skin and reduce melanin production. Our clients report brighter skin tone and feeling replenished and hydrated with consistent IV drip therapy. If you are pressed for time, be sure to ask about our vitamin push (Fast Vitamin IV), which only takes 60-90 seconds to administer.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

An infrared sauna has many well-known benefits. From detox to reduced inflammation and muscle recovery, saunas are an excellent physical and mental health tool. Infrared sauna therapy can be especially beneficial for your skin, providing rejuvenation and detoxification.

Infrared heat penetrates the skin to accelerate cellular activity and increase circulation, which helps us cheat aging. The increased blood flow aids in more abundant nutrients delivered to the skin. Additionally, infrared sauna therapy induces sweat to detoxify the pores. Sweat is a powerful anti-aging remedy due to its elimination of dirt, debris, and toxins from the skin. Sweating also unclogs your pores, which results in fewer break-outs and better skin complexion.

Remember to rinse the sweat and toxins away from your skin immediately after a sauna session to prevent clogged pores. Apply moisturizer and remember to hydrate properly after sweating.

Compression Therapy

Our compression therapy service offers compressed air to massage a body part and mobilize fluids. It is a useful way to improve circulation and flexibility. It also plays a therapeutic role for those individuals with limited activity and mobility secondary to injury or chronic issues.

Compression therapy is particularly effective in:

  • reducing swelling
  • accelerating lymphatic drainage
  • reducing inflammation
  • sustaining the reparative process
  • and improving overall mobility.

Increased movement and range of motion are critical ingredients in longevity.

Tips to Stay Young and Increase Longevity

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with looking and feeling a bit older. After all, smile lines can be proof that you’ve enjoyed yourself in life and laughed a lot. But if you want to increase your longevity and feel young, here are a few tips that can help:

1. Give yourself a break. Stress causes physical changes in the body that can lead to faster aging. Give yourself time to relax, unwind and meditate. Our red light therapy and infrared sauna therapy services are great environments for a warm, soothing break.

2. Consume more omega-three fatty acids. Omega-3’s keep you healthy and your skin dazzling by reducing inflammation and slowing the signs of aging. Healthy fats like omega three fatty acids paired with our IV drip therapy are a sure way to look and feel your best.

3. Stay Active. Exercise and physical activity reduce stress and anxiety. Keeping stress and anxiety under control are important to slow aging.

4. Embrace life. Self-care practices to maintain good health will boost your self-esteem, fuel your immune system, and improve physical health. All of the above have age-defying properties to keep you feeling and looking young.

Enhanced Wellness

Our services are available to you for a wellness-oriented, comprehensive approach to preserving your youthful glow. Consider pairing any of our age-defying services with:

By using a combination of our services, you will not only enjoy anti-aging benefits but can also attain:

Our experts can help you select the appropriate services to best suit your personal needs. Give us a call today and get started on your route to Enhanced Wellness!

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