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Decrease Stress

Decrease Stress
Decrease Stress

Enhanced Wellness offers a variety of services that help to decrease stress for a healthier, happier you.

Many of us get caught up in overscheduled, high-stress living with our day-to-day obligations. Unfortunately, this can wear you out and eventually lead to fatigue. When stress is pervasive in your life, you might find it hard to focus and stay motivated. Stress can even have physical implications like a weakened immune system or dull, dry skin, and premature aging. Everyone will face stress at some point. While stress is a normal and unavoidable part of life, managing stress is something that many of us don’t bother with or even know how to do. This is especially true when stress comes from uncontrollable sources. It can feel overwhelming when you have no control over the causes of stress in your life.

A little stress is good for us. It’s a defense mechanism that keeps us alert and motivated to avoid danger. But too much of anything is not a good thing, and this holds for stress as well. It can make us sick and worsen pre-existing conditions and diseases we may have.

In addition to the demands of daily life, many of us make lifestyle choices that can rob us of critical elements we need to stay sharp. Stress with the added detriment of alcohol, poor sleep, and bad diet will take a toll on anyone. Without proper care and restorative practices, we can feel depleted and unable to stay strong and healthy.

The Cost of Too Much Stress

Science has shown that excess stress can negatively impact the brain, causing memory problems, anxiety, decreased learning ability and more. Chronic stress can even negatively impact the structure of our brains and affect our neurons over time. Stress can affect us not only physically but also emotionally. It can lead to depression, panic attacks, and anxiety. However, the most crucial factor with stress is not the stress itself. Instead, it’s how we cope with that stress.

Wellness is not only about your physical health. Wellness encompasses your health, emotions, and even your environment. Therefore, it’s critical to incorporate practices in life that improve aspects of emotional and physical well-being to stay in top condition. Without this balance, you’ll lack mental clarity and get sick more often.

Luckily, you don’t have to let your busy lifestyle get the best of you. At Enhanced Wellness, we offer services that will help you minimize the stress in your life and increase focus.

Read on to find out more about how our services at Enhanced Wellness can help you decrease stress. With less stress, you’ll have more energy to live life with drive and focus.

NAD Therapy

NAD is a coenzyme that our bodies produce naturally – we need it to thrive. However, with age, our bodies naturally produce less NAD. NAD treatment therapy is a great option for those looking to feel replenished and achieve optimal NAD levels. NAD works by restoring cellular function in our bodies and thus reducing stress symptoms. As stress responses in our bodies lower, we start to feel healthier and happier. When we have healthy levels of NAD in our systems, we can respond to challenges without triggering our fight or flight response. In addition to helping govern our fight or flight response, NAD also plays an important role in our metabolic processes, bone, nerve, and tissue health, can slow aging, and help regulate our circadian rhythms. Our NAD treatment therapy is a priceless commodity to add to your wellness agenda for mental health and to achieve greater overall well-being. 

Red Light Therapy

Many people are unaware that light is just as essential for our bodies and health as food and exercise. Red light therapy could arguably be considered the game-changer for stress and seasonal-related depressive disorders. Red light therapy can boost your mood and help reduce headaches and stress. RLT works by dilating blood vessels to help release knots and tension from sedentary lifestyles and inactivity.

Before the invention of the light bulb, our ancestors spent most of their time outdoors in natural light during the day. However, recent generations have moved more and more indoors, and work is increasingly becoming an inside affair. As a result, humans are not getting enough light exposure these days. This is especially true for anyone who works in an office. A simple 10-20 minutes red light therapy session can help counteract the downsides of being inside and sitting all day.

Peptide Therapy

Peptide therapy can help you defy aging and will leave your skin glowing. You’ll be looking and feeling younger, leading to lower stress and increased wellness.


As we’ve discussed above, anxiety and stress are almost impossible to avoid in today’s world. It’s not easy to manage, but you can do it. Several studies have reported findings that support the benefits of cryotherapy for long-term anxiety. The highly frigid temperatures of cryotherapy stimulate the nervous system, which leads to the release of good chemicals. Endorphins, adrenaline, and oxytocin are all chemicals that naturally occur in our brains. We need these chemicals to feel good and happy. Cryotherapy helps encourage the release of these chemicals and combat anxiety, leading to elevated mood and a greater sense of wellness.

Further, cryotherapy can help boost the immune system and increase energy. With the wonders it can work for the body, it’s no surprise that cryotherapy is gaining popularity as a health and wellness practice. By helping the body feel great, cryotherapy complements mental and emotional upgrades.

IV Drip Therapy

High stress can negatively affect our sleep, blood pressure, and mood. One of the best ways to decrease stress is with the proper minerals and nutrients needed to keep the body functioning normally. Our IV drip therapy services can help deliver all the nutrients and vitamins to suit your personal needs. In addition, proper vitamin, nutrient, and mineral consumption will encourage healthy brain regulation of the adrenal and pituitary glands. As a result, IV therapy can help regulate the body’s natural mechanisms for stress management.  If you are pressed for time, be sure to ask about our vitamin push (Fast Vitamin IV), which only takes 60-90 seconds.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

Did you know that about 75% to 90% of all primary care physician visits are associated with stress-related issues? Long-term stress is unfavorable for the body and can lead to many health issues.

Infrared sauna therapy can help avoid these trips to the doctors office. Infrared sauna therapy can do this by providing an environment for you to relax your mind in a soothing and warm oasis. In addition, you can practice mindful meditation during infrared sauna therapy sessions to help decrease stress and enjoy the benefits. Infrared sauna sessions are the perfect opportunity to delight in some alone time and let go of all the pressure from the day.

Stress on the Body

When you are stressed, your body produces more cortisol. Cortisol is the fight or flight hormone our bodies have. Sadly, too much cortisol can lead to high blood pressure and excess weight in the midsection. A simple way to combat these unwanted factors is through infrared sauna therapy. Infrared therapy is clinically proven to help the body maintain healthy cortisol levels. Consistent and long-term use can prove beneficial in reducing blood pressure over time.

Enhanced Wellness

Our services are available to you for a wellness-oriented, comprehensive approach to decrease stress and gain clarity. Consider pairing any of our recovery services with:

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