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Promoting Weight Loss

Promoting Weight Loss
Promoting Weight Loss

Here are a few of the services we offer at Enhanced Wellness to help promote weight loss and assist you in achieving your goals! Our guests can opt for any of these services as individual treatments, mix and match, or utilize all of them for a comprehensive approach to wellness. We recommend pairing our weight loss services with other services for optimal outcomes.

NAD Therapy

NAD coenzymes have a direct impact on our metabolism. The two are closely intertwined. NAD is ranked as the second most important metabolic cofactor in our bodies that is responsible for numerous metabolic reactions. By boosting your NAD levels, you’ll rev up your metabolism and feel energized. NAD coenzymes also play a vital role in muscle development. NAD is essential to muscle maintenance, supplying the blood with fuel to fire muscles and repair them. As a result, it will help build stronger muscles and increase overall muscle mass. No matter what your personal fitness goals are, NAD therapy will provide a host of benefits to your metabolism and lean muscle mass, helping you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Peptide Therapy

Peptides have increasingly gained popularity and credibility in medical applications and wellness centers. We know they’re highly active in the anatomy biology of all living organisms from current science. They can also be naturally synthesized for health and wellness interests. Since peptides contain amino acids, they can help the body perform specialized tasks like

  • Getting rid of stubborn fat pockets
  • Increasing lean muscle mass
  • Reducing swelling and tissue inflammation
  • Increasing libido
  • Restore and increase production of collagen

As we get older, our eating and exercise patterns change with our changing lifestyles and inevitable processes that come with aging. How and when peptides are delivered to the body can affect how successful the outcomes are. Peptides can be tremendously helpful in helping our brains remember forgotten and unused pathways. Our brains and bodies take a toll from stress, relationships, parenting, sleep deprivations, and even our lifestyle choices. These stressors can cause our brain’s neural pathways to diminish and even decrease our quality of life over time. This problem is more often than not a hormone production deficit. Rather, it’s the pattern and the ability to release hormones efficiently that changes with age. Subtle changes that may not have significant tangible effects happen over time. Losing this rhythm of life over time can affect everything from our sleep quality and moods to the way we see ourselves and even our actual weight.

Life happens, but peptide therapy can help. Peptides can help our brains restore their youthful functions and patterns for releasing hormones effectively. Much like how you remember riding a bike after you haven’t for a while, you can retrain your neural pathways with peptide therapy. In addition, peptide therapy will increase your overall well-being by encouraging weight loss and enhancing other normal body functions. We recommend pairing peptide therapy with healthy lifestyle habits, including physical activity and conscious eating for best results.


Another one of our wellness services available to support your weight loss goals is Cryotherapy or cold treatment. Cryotherapy works by exposing the body to below-freezing temperatures for health benefits. By exposing the body to extremely low temperatures, the body’s natural anti-inflammatory responses are awakened. This leads to the release of endorphins and reduces pain and muscle aches.

Cryotherapy can additionally be used for weight loss. This works by boosting the body’s metabolic rate. Studies have shown that the body continues to burn fat and calories even after the cryotherapy session. Other findings suggest that Cryotherapy can help reduce the appearance of cellulite, encouraging tighter, youthful-looking skin.

For best results, we recommend a minimum of 3-5 sessions a week for at least two weeks. Cryotherapy should be paired with exercise and healthy eating for maximum benefits and weight loss results.

Infrared Sauna

Our Infrared Sauna service can help you lose weight by detoxing the body and burning calories – all you have to do is sit back and relax.

So much goes into weight loss – your current weight, lifestyle habits, what you eat, and how much physical activity you get. And while there’s no magic diet that works for everyone, using an infrared sauna can help almost anyone get closer to the goals they are trying to achieve. One session can burn up to 600 calories – that’s as much as you can burn from jogging for one entire hour! Except in the sauna, all you need to do is relax. Consider adding a mild stretching session or yoga to your sauna session to maximize results. Stretching or another low-impact exercise paired with an infrared sauna session is not only revitalizing but will also raise your core temperature more than the sauna alone. Further raising your core temperature will lead to the superior promotion of weight loss.

Infrared saunas are proven to assist in weight loss by heating the body’s core temperature to encourage sweating. The effects of an infrared sauna are comparable to a regular workout session. The infrared sauna can increase your heart rate and stimulate greater blood flow to help you lose weight, just like moderate physical activity. Additionally, by easing aches and pains after a workout, infrared saunas can help you recover faster to stay on track with your workout regimen.

IV Drip

IV Drop therapy can help amplify your weight loss efforts by improving your overall well-being and helping you become the best version of yourself possible. While strenuous exercise and caloric deficits are necessary to lose weight, they can be hard on the body. By providing an ample supply of vitamins, fluids, and essential nutrients to your body, you’ll have the building blocks you need to lose weight effectively and still feel great. When added to a healthy exercise and nutrition routine, IV drip therapy can help you melt the excess pounds away and live your best life.

Other benefits of IV Drip therapy include:

  • Providing abundant vitamins directly to your body through the bloodstream, resulting in instant absorption
  • Faster workout recovery by preventing nutrient, vitamin, or hydration deficiencies that come from vigorous exertion
  • Boost your adrenal glands and fight adrenal fatigue, which will help shed weight. You will also have more energy to stay active and fit by warding off adrenal fatigue. Healthy adrenal glands are critical for keeping your metabolism revving at its peak capacity.
  • Improved sleep – the quality of your sleep and sufficient sleep are critical components to any and every weight loss journey. Your body repairs and restores itself while you sleep.

If you are pressed for time, be sure to ask about our vitamin push (Fast Vitamin IV), which only takes 60-90 seconds to administer. 

Enhanced Wellness

For a more comprehensive and holistic approach to enhanced wellness, consider pairing any of our weight loss services with our other services:

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